Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) today confirmed it was monitoring the financial situation at Newcastle United Jets following revelations that the club has delayed in meeting some short term financial obligations.
PFA Chief Executive Brendan Schwab said that both Football Federation Australia (FFA) and the club had proactively communicated with the PFA and the players to keep them fully advised of the situation.
“Newcastle is a foundation A-League club and a member of the former National Soccer League,” Schwab said.  “It has an owner in Con Constantine who loves the club and is deeply commitment to both its success and that of the A-League competition as a whole.
“We are informed that the situation is manageable and very short-term in nature.  We see Newcastle, as one of only three clubs to have won the A-League championship, as an iconic member of the A-League.  It is also home to a very exciting player group, including some of Australia’s most promising young players and loyal servants,” Schwab added.