Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has continued  to boost the PFA Player Development and Transition Program after collaborating with Football Federation Australia (FFA) to establish an intense course to assist members in gaining their coaching C-Licence.

To be held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the course will see players gain their C-Licence qualification in four days rather than the usual seven, with A-League clubs obliged to give players the opportunity to attend if they wish.

Open to current and former players, PFA National Manager, Player Development Ben Robertson , said the four day course, which runs from June 17-20, was a key component of PFA’s Player Development and Transition Program.

“This is something that the PFA has had to work extremely hard on for an extended period of time but we believe it will be of enormous benefit to our members and Australian football,” said Robertson.

“Our members have a real passion for the game and this will equip them with the necessary qualifications to give back to the game at grassroots level and is also the first step in pursuing a career in coaching.

“Our hope is that we can continue to work with FFA to further develop the opportunities for our players to gain their coaching qualifications.

“We have seen the impact this can have in countries such as Germany, who have worked extremely hard to equip as many players as possible with the necessary skills to be coaches after their playing days are over.”


PFA C-Licence Course

Location: AIS, Canberra

Date: June 17-20.


For current or former PFA members seeking further information on the upcoming C-Licence course please contact Ben Robertson on