Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today called for the immediate introduction of transparent governance measures following the continued failure of Brisbane Roar to meet its obligations to players.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the time has come to implement the key findings of the Crawford Report.

“Football Federation Australia has ignored some of the key findings of the Crawford Report, which recommended giving all stakeholders a voice in the running of the game,” said Vivian.

“Without proper governance, transparency and professionalism, players don’t get paid, fans don’t get the best football and the game’s growth is restricted.

“Fans and players are paying the price for poor management. Fans and players both want better football.

“The PFA has consistently called for better security for players. Fans have consistently sought a say in the running of clubs.

“Fans and players have fundamental roles to play in improving the governance of Australian football by increasing its transparency.

“If we want a professional game of football in Australia, we need to treat players professionally and manage clubs in a transparent and accountable fashion.

“The Roar has continually failed to meet its obligation to players. Players are now owed in excess of five quarters of superannuation and have regularly been paid late.

“That’s not acceptable. These people are professionals. Only well governed sports can grow.

“The players believe that fans have a key role to play in ensuring the good governance and accountability of club management. They support the club and their relationship should be more than a transaction.

“The players are determined to grow the game’s fan base. Providing fans with a meaningful role in the governance of the sport will enable us to create a stronger future for Australian football.”