Goalkeepers are perceived as unique characters; lone figures with different mindsets to their outfield counterparts. Cut from a different cloth. 

Melbourne Victory’s W-League stopper Casey Dumont has heard it more than once; ‘she’s a special breed’ people say.

But beyond her football, off the pitch, there is no doubting Dumont is a special talent.

Less than three weeks after narrowly missing out on a W-League Grand Final berth with Victory, Dumont had swapped the goalkeeping gloves for medical scrubs and has since been on the frontline of Queensland’s pandemic response.

In an interview with the PFA, Dumont spoke about her 2019/20 campaign, in which she made her 100th W-League appearance and was voted by her peers into the PFA’s W-League Team of the Season. 

In the podcast, Dumont catalogues her form and how her nursing and goalkeeping pursuits overlap.

“There is always a challenge; with goalkeeping, obviously, you’ve got to make this save that might be the end of the game or the beginning; it either makes or break your team,” Dumont said.

“So you’ve made the great save that kept your team in the game or kept you in the lead or unfortunately the ball’s gone in the goal and everyone hates you because of it. And you’ve lost the game. And it’s the same with nursing, but it’s a bit more blunt. 

“You’ve saved [a] family member. You saved their lives. You’ve treated their injuries. You’ve done all this great stuff to make sure that they’re still here or they’ve passed away and you’re the one to blame because you didn’t save them. So that’s, I guess, the part that matches as well as being a goalkeeper.”

Click play below to listen to the full interview on The PFA Pod.