: 8 February 2010
FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) ruled in favour of Jordan and Tyler Simpson in a case filed on their behalf by the PFA against a Cypriot club.
The Club had signed the players to contracts and brought them to Cyprus, only to terminate their contracts and threaten their safety if they did not return to Australia. The Club claimed that it did not owe the players anything because, among other things, the contracts that the players signed were not official contracts and were not enforceable under Cypriot law. The DRC stated that the contracts were enforceable under FIFA regulations and held in favour of the players.

It took the DRC almost two years to process the case, but the PFA was pleased with the ultimate result. Brendan Schwab, CEO of the PFA, commented that what the Simpson brothers experienced in Cyprus should act as a caution to players who seek to go overseas. Mr. Schwab noted that players should inform themselves about the club, the federation and the country before transferring overseas as well as ensure that the overseas transfer will enhance their football careers.

Any player who seeks advice about playing overseas or who has experienced problems with his or her club after transferring overseas should contact the PFA.