Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today released its inaugural W-League Report.

Compiled on the same terms as the PFA’s recently published A-League Report, the W-League Report tracks and highlights those areas key to making the W-League a world leading competition including player payments, technical analysis, injury reporting, and competitive balance.

The report features two key components – employment framework and performance standards – metrics that have proven integral to the continued improvement of standards and development across the W-League.

“The new W-League Collective Bargaining Agreement is transformational, so the W-League Report will be a valuable signpost for the ‘before and after’ discussions we will have relating to women’s football,” said PFA Player Relations Executive Kate Gill.

“The level of facilities, such as training and playing surfaces and surrounding infrastructure, have created issues in the past but we are seeing an upward turn in these conditions for players which reflects the increase in standards.”

“By ensuring transparency and promoting the sharing of information, the industry can identify areas that require immediate action as well as those requiring a longer term focus in order to make the W-League a competition that is an appealing and attractive proposition for players, coaches and sports fans.”

CLICK HERE to view the full report.