MELBOURNE: Monday, 31 July 2017

Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today released its inaugural PFA A-League Report.

Aimed at ensuring the aspects of the Hyundai A-League that are of importance to players are critically examined and reviewed, the Report focusses in detail on three key areas:

• the employment framework of the competition;
• performance standards; and
• match scheduling.

To ensure there is context to the findings, the Report benchmarks the A-League against competitions around the world and compares the 2016/17 season to previous campaigns to reveal important trends, which include:

• the continuing high player churn across the competition;
• the match minutes played at different age levels, within a global context;
• a reduction in matches missed due to injury;
• the impact of failing to adhere to FIFA International Breaks;
• a decline in the quality of playing surfaces; and
• the ongoing analysis of the competitive balance of the A-League.

“It is important that we continue to monitor and critically examine all aspects of the sport to ensure we can sign-post our progress,” said PFA Chief Executive John Didulica.

“The A-League Report’s findings reveal a number of areas within the industry that require our attention, such as promoting player stability and an ongoing analysis of the effectiveness of the current salary cap. The solutions in some cases may not be straight forward, however finding them is of critical importance.”

The A-League Report is the first of three reports the PFA will release in the coming weeks, to be followed by the inaugural PFA W-League Report and the PFA Player Pathway Report, which is a study of the career paths of Australian players since the turn of the century.

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