Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has responded to remarks made by North Queensland Fury assistant coach Stuart McLaren regarding the future transfer of Isaka Cernak to Melbourne Victory.
PFA Chief Executive Brendan Schwab said that Isaka was fully within his rights to seek a transfer and the comments made by the Fury were not justified.
“The PFA is very disappointed in the reported comments by Stuart McLaren regarding Isaka Cernak,” said Schwab.
“The A-League has a very strong regulatory framework which allows clubs and players to negotiate contracts which protect the financial viability of everyone involved.
“It’s clear that Isaka was free to sign a contract with any club from October 1, 2010. And it’s very disappointing that he would be personally criticised for having exercised his right.
“All players at North Queensland Fury have acted with the highest level of professionalism to ensure the success of the club, notwithstanding the uncertainty about its future.”
“Isaka has a big future and is surely entitled to protect his professional future and the action he’s taken is reasonable and accords with the expectations the game places on its professional footballers,” Schwab concluded.
The Contract window has now been opened for 3 weeks and the Fury are still not able to sign players because of the uncertainty over the club’s future. This is a major issue for the Fury given that, with the exception of only one player, all players come off contract at the end of this A-League season meaning that the players are well within their rights and free to sign contracts with other clubs.