Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today hailed the achievements of the Matildas.

After becoming the first Australian national team to win a knock-match at the World Cup finals, the Matildas bowed out after a 1-0 loss to reigning World Champions Japan .

Having captured the imagination of the nation with their performances during the tournament PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the Matildas achievements had been nothing short of remarkable.

“Once again the Matilda’s have excelled on the biggest stage in world football,” said Vivian. “In becoming the first Australian national team to win a knock-out match they have broken new ground for the game.

“The challenge for the code now is to capitalise on the momentum that their performances have generated. No longer should players be forced to make enormous sacrifices to represent their country.

“The PFA will continue to pursue a genuine career path in terms of remuneration, work place standards, player development and wellbeing. This integral if we are to unlock the enormous potential of the women’s game and to ensure the Matildas continue to excel.”

PFA President Matt McKay said the Matildas performances in Canada had set a new standard Australian national teams.

“Over the course of the tournament their football was nothing short of brilliant and they deserve all the accolades that have come their way,” said McKay. “In breaking new ground they have once again shown the potential of the country’s footballers.

“Their performances in Canada, along with the Socceroos and Western Sydney Wanderers’ triumphs in Asia, highlight just how much of an exciting time this is for Australian football.”

Image by Local FC / Chad Gibson.