Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) acknowledges the decision of Football Federation Australia (FFA) to postpone the remaining rounds of the A-League.

FFA announced the A-League’s postponement on Tuesday morning following discussions with football’s stakeholders in response to the growing threat of COVID-19 to the Australian community.

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said:

“The players’ thoughts remain collectively with the millions of Australians who are bracing for personal hardship in the coming months,” Didulica said.

“The players took the difficult decision to take the field over the weekend in solidarity to one another and out of a sense of duty to the sport. 

“Our work with our delegates demonstrates a determination to work with FFA, the clubs and broadcasters to complete the season although we recognise the very real external challenges to this ambition.

“During the League’s pause, we can take some control back by ensuring the players can work with FFA, the clubs, the broadcasters and the Government to collectively secure the professional game’s future.”