Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) notes a second A-League club, Central Coast Mariners, has issued stand-down notices to its players.

This follows Tony Sage standing down players and staff last Friday evening and the prospect of other owners taking similar steps.

The PFA has reaffirmed its position on clubs dumping players at this time, serving the Mariners owner Mike Charlesworth with a letter of demand seeking the players’ immediate reinstatement.

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said:

“These actions undermine attempts for our game to overcome common challenges, fight for common interests and re-establish our sport,” Didulica said.

“While other codes have fostered unity and demonstrated leadership amid crisis, we are at risk of regressing to the lowest common denominator.

“FFA has indicated an intention to intervene as this matter escalates. 

“This morning, we have written to FFA to ask they follow the lead of other sporting codes in this country and lead a collective and uniform solution to our common challenge.”