Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) has been made aware of ASADA’s Adverse Analytical Finding by its member, Ken Ilsø.

Adelaide United player Ken Ilsø:

“To all my fans, team mates, friends and family. I have been notified by the PFA regarding the Adverse Analytical Finding. I am working closely with the PFA regarding my situation and awaiting the results from the B test. 

“Until these results are received I cannot make any further comments. I would like to thank the PFA for their support in this testing and frustrating situation. 

“To our fans, please ensure the focus is on the team. It is a critical time in our season and they need you most of all.”

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica:

“The process triggered by the Adverse Analytical Finding is very proscriptive and the PFA will provide Ken with all necessary legal and wellbeing support.

“At this stage, it’s not appropriate to provide any further comment on the nature and particulars of the finding beyond those made public by ASADA pursuant to its statutory mandate.”