Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) confirms that it will retain all current staff and there will be no reduction to staffing levels during this period.

“It is critical that our members know that our support for them during this period is not only intact but will be amplified,” PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said.

“It is our intention to increase our funding to player wellbeing and increase our legal support to players in Australia and to Australian players around the world.

“Beyond this, we acknowledge the distress being suffered by many football staff across the country who are no longer in active employment. 

“In recognition of this, the PFA has extended its Mental Health Referral Network to our professional Referees and to any staff previously working within Member Federations who require mental health support. 

“We have developed the Network over many years to ensure we have the very best mental health professionals available to our athletes and its scalability will ensure the entire football community can benefit.”