Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) Chief Executive Adam Vivian has confirmed that the PFA will continue to monitor the health of the Perth Glory and Adelaide United players following their round 14 clash at NIB Stadium last night.

Vivian made the announcement after yesterday’s match kicked off in extreme temperatures at 5.30pm local time in Perth.

Having requested that the rescheduled kick-off time be further delayed to provide the players with the safest possible working conditions and fans with the best possible spectacle Vivian said the PFA would now conduct further investigations as to why this request was not heeded to the extent that the players desired.

“The PFA was in constant contact with the players in the lead up to the game and also since its conclusion,” said Vivian. “Some players have since reported heat related illnesses, including excessive weight loss, headaches and vomiting.

“The PFA will continue to monitor the players health and will be conducting further discussions with FFA and the clubs. We will be requesting FFA and the clubs share with us the advice in which they were satisfied that player health and safety was not compromised by proceeding with the match at that time.”

Whilst acknowledging that FFA’s heat policy is superior to that of FIFA’s in terms of player health and safety Vivian said the PFA would continue to work with world renowned experts to ensure FFA implemented the best possible heat policy.

“The professionalism of the players and the support of the fans at NIB Stadium in extremely difficult conditions must be acknowledged. Having been a clash between two of the competitions most outstanding teams the players were desperate to put on the best possible spectacle. Post match the players have expressed their disappointment that their efforts were affected by the conditions.

“With Perth’s next A-League fixture scheduled to kick-off at 5pm local time on January 25 the PFA will continue monitor the situation having previously seen temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius during this time of year.

“The PFA remains to committed to working with FFA, evidenced by our communications with FFA over the last 72 hours. The players see the management of heat as a fundamental element of the making the code the safest in Australian sport.”