C.B. Smith Reserve voted as the best pitch of the round, whilst the outstanding atmosphere created by Melbourne City and Adelaide United fans is acknowledged in this week’s PFA W-League Stadium Ratings.

Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar

Venue: C.B. Smith Reserve

Overall pitch rating: 4

Pace: 4

Hardness: 3

Smoothness: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Weather: 5



Sydney FC v Canberra United

Venue: Lambert Park

Overall pitch rating: 3

Pace: 3

Hardness: 1

Smoothness: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Weather: 4



Adelaide United v Newcastle Jets

Venue: Coopers Stadium

Overall pitch rating: 3

Pace: 5

Hardness: 5

Smoothness: 5

Atmosphere: 4

Weather: 5



Round 6 averages

Overall pitch rating: 3.33

Atmosphere: 3.7

Weather: 4.67


2015/16 Season averages

Overall pitch rating: 3.56

Atmosphere: 3.55

Weather: 4.15


The PFA W-League Stadium Ratings are voted on by the visiting captain or PFA Delegate at the end of each match, who rate each criteria out of five, with five being the highest or best. The aim of the ratings is to increase the awareness of safety and the importance of first-class surfaces. Additionally they also recognise the fans as a key pillar for the growth of the W-League.