Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) today welcomed the introduction of the Australian marquee rule into the A-League for 2010/2011. The rule allows A-League clubs to contract an outstanding Australian player outside of the salary cap.
“The new rule gives A-League clubs important flexibility to attract and retain outstanding Australian players at all stages of their careers,” PFA Chief Executive Brendan Schwab said today.

“In addition to continuing to attract the next generation of returning Socceroos of the calibre of Kevin Muscat, Craig Moore and Jason Culina, the rule can also assist clubs in retaining our elite young players in readiness for an overseas move or in responding to the increased competition from Asia because of the 3 + 1 rule.”

The “3 + 1” rule allows leading Asian clubs in countries such as Japan, South Korea or China to sign a fourth foreign player provided he is from an Asian nation, including Australia.

In early 2009, the PFA proposed an “Asian marquee player” rule which would apply to players from any Asian Football Confederation country including Australia (See the related news section below).

“The PFA is committed to a collectively bargained salary cap which contains sufficient flexibility to compete with football’s international labour market. The Australian marquee rule furthers these objectives subject to appropriate and strict conditions that will protect the financial viability of A-league clubs,” Schwab added.