The PFA welcomes Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) announcement this week that it will be reviewing the national disciplinary regulations in time for the next A-League season.

The PFA is in the midst of finalising its submission to FFA on the review. The major issues to be addressed in the PFA’s submission include:

  • offences including the accumulation of yellow and red cards in the A-League regular season and final series;
  • charges against players and their investigation, especially where alleged breaches of the regulations or the laws of the game have escaped the referee’s attention;
  • sanctions;
  • the hearing process;
  • the composition and conduct of the hearing body;
  • compliance with FIFA’s international standards; and
  • the use of video evidence.

PFA Chief Executive Brendan Schwab said, “The PFA is committed to achieving a set of national disciplinary regulations with FFA that enjoy the confidence of the players, promote fair play and in turn enhance the quality of the performance on the field of play.  If so, the A-League will continue to enjoy public confidence and set the right standards for the huge Australian community that is engaged in football.”

The PFA discussed the need for this process at length as early as at the 2007 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January (please click on this link for more information).

To read a report on the PFA’s advanced submission to FFA for a new yellow card system in early April, please follow thislink.