Professional Footballers Australia’s (PFA) research project into the welfare of retired and transitioned players gets underway with over 500 former professional and semi-professional footballers invited to participate.

Aimed at providing the PFA with a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges players face post career the research project has already seen high participation rates despite having only kicked-off on Monday.

Conducted via a web survey, players are asked a number of questions regarding the support they received during and post their football careers, what services would best equip footballers for making a successful transition and how to make the most of being a professional footballer.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said it was vital that the knowledge and experiences of retired and transition players were utilised.

“Transition can be an extremely challenging period in a footballers life,” Vivian said. “For the PFA to be in the best possible position to assist players during this time it is essential that we access the knowledge and experiences of our former members.

“The players, throughout the history of the game in this country have consistently shown their commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of their peers and that of future generations. This project enables our past players to play a significant role in better equipping both current and future footballers for transition.”

PFA National Manager Player Development Ben Robertson said participants had already demonstrated high levels of interest and engagement with the research project.

“The willingness of the retired and transitioned players to be involved has quickly been demonstrated,” Robertson said. “This is extremely encouraging as the success of this research will be very much determined by their involvement. I urge all players who have been asked to participate to do so, it is confidential, and your insights and knowledge are invaluable to this project.”