The PFA’s influence in global football will continue following the appointment of Co-Chief Executive Kathryn Gill to the FIFPRO Global Board.

Gill, a former Matilda who made 86 appearances for Australia and scored 41 goals, replaces Francis Awaritefe, who served on the FIFPro Global Board for the past four years, influencing outcomes for players in Australia and overseas.

Gill and Awaritefe attended FIFPRO’s Annual General Assembly in Paris last week, where one of the major highlights was announcing a new President and formalising an expanded and more diverse global board.  

Former La Liga striker David Aganzo, head of the Spanish footballers union AFE, was elected president, replacing Philippe Piat whose latest term expired this year having led the organisation in two consecutive four-year stints.

The role of the FIFPro Global Board is to represent more than 65,000 professional footballers, while the FIFPro General Assembly is an opportunity for FIFPRO’s 67 member unions to meet, discharge the governance obligations of the organisation, to learn from each other and industry experts and to discuss the complex issues and challenges facing the players in their workplaces.

“It’s is humbling to be appointed by the members of FIFPRO Asia/Oceania to be their representative on the FIFPro global board,” Gill told

“I am continuing the legacy of the foundational work of Brendan Schwab and, most recently, Francis. I see this role as a continuation of my work with the PFA, ensuring that players are placed at the centre of decision making and working to address the varied and complex challenges the game is facing to build a better workplace for all our members.

“I hope to be able to bring the voice of the players within the Asia and Oceania region to the table to make sure that their concerns and being integrated into the global dialogue and to make sure that the international strategy and policy is representative of all FIFPRO members.”

“Francis has been instrumental during his time on the FIFPRO Global Board, delivering a range of positive outcomes for the players and the game; he has been principled in his positions and always put the players at the centre of decision making. 

“Francis led the conversations that improved the organisation’s governance, has been a human rights advocate and championed the gender requirement now embedded in all FIFPRO statutes, which has seen the global board transition into a more diverse and inclusive body. 

“I hope to continue his legacy in driving meaningful change.”

Awaritefe will continue his role as the Chair of the PFA and said it was a bittersweet moment stepping away from the FIFPRO board.

“It’s bittersweet because it’s fantastic to see the FIFPRO Board progressing in a really positive direction, with new blood and new change. 

“Obviously it’s sad that I am stepping off but in some ways I am glad that I am because it creates space and opportunity especially for females and I know that Kate Gill is going to be stepping up in my position which is fantastic.

“That is something that I am quite proud of because we have become a more diverse and representative organisation globally.”

The PFA welcomed its global colleagues to Sydney for the 2019 FIFPRO General Assembly.

The new FIFPRO Boar comprises:  Kathryn Gill (Australia), Mila Hristova (Bulgaria), Geremi Njitap (Cameroon), Camila Garcia (Chile), Carlos Gonzalez Puche (Colombia), Alejandro Sequeira (Costa Rica), Bobby Barnes (England), David Terrier (France), Khadija Timera (Gabon), Karin Sendel (Israel), Damiano Tommasi (Italy), Izham Ismail (Malaysia), Louis Everard (The Netherlands), Fernando Revilla (Peru), Dejan Stefanovic (Slovenia), David Aganzo (Spain), Caroline Jönsson (Sweden), Lucien Valloni (Switzerland).