Professional Footballers Australia’s (PFA) A-League members have reaffirmed their commitment to inclusiveness and tolerance to mark today’s 2016 Harmony Day.

Aimed at celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity, the past week has seen players across the A-League take part in a host of community appearances to promote the central message of Harmony Day – everyone belongs.

PFA Delegate and Western Sydney Wanderers defender Shannon Cole attended Harmony Day celebrations in Liverpool and said the players were committed to ensuring football played its part in promoting the benefits of multiculturalism.

“On and off the pitch Australia is stronger because of the nation’s diversity,” said Cole. “Football continues to bring people from all over the world together like no other sport can. In what other sport in Australia do you see such a mix of nations represented on the field and in the stands?”

“As players we see the benefits everyday of inclusiveness when we step onto pitch, and as players we have an obligation to ensure that the game helps all in society feel like they belong.”

PFA Chairman Craig Foster said diversity is Australia’s greatest strength and praised the players’ continued to commitment to promoting multiculturalism.

“Football is a great connector and is the only game that truly unites the diverse communities of Australia,” said Foster. “The players have long understood this, and the current generation understand the power football has to bring people together.”

“Football in itself is a multicultural program that has always celebrated and promoted our diverse and unique backgrounds. Where else can we see our national heroes, like the Matildas, shaking hands with the national heroes of North Korea? Where else will you find such diversity on the pitch in an Australian national competition? It’s powerful symbolism for the future of Australia expressed through our wonderful game.”