Players past and present, current and former PFA staff pay tribute to President Simon Colosimo after the Socceroo announced his retirement from professional football.

Vince Grella

I played with Simon when we were 12 years old and I played with him in my last year with Melbourne Heart, he is someone I would call a true mate and he is someone I can always count on. He was a great player and he has a real passion for the PFA and actually cares deeply about the players and wants the best for them.

Mark Bresciano

We were together at the AIS, Carlton and with the National Team. It has been a privilege to play alongside a player and person like Simon. He has brought so much to the game. He cares deeply about the players and has always worked tirelessly on their behalf and to build the game in Australia.

Alex Wilkinson

A fantastic leader and role model both on and off the pitch. Simon has had a hugely decorated career on the pitch, achieving what most players could only dream of. Off the pitch Simon has been just as successful and has been a great President and leader of the PFA. The passion he has shown supporting and fighting for players’ basic rights and welfare over the past years won’t be forgotten.

Matt McKay

He has been to every part of the earth and played at the absolute top level. He could play a variety or roles, won championships and he should look back on his achievements with a lot of pride.

It is an incredible effort to have been President for 10 years. He got into the role when he was very young and flourished. From my dealings with Simon, even from a young age, he was approachable and would talk to every single player and always had the players first in everything he did.

Travis Dodd

Having played abroad in Europe and Asia, Simon has been fortunate to play in some of the top leagues in the world. I had the pleasure of playing with Simon in 2004 at Parramatta Power, where we featured in a grand final together, which we lost. It turned out to be the first of six, cheers for that Simon. He leaves the game winning championships both in Australia and in Asia and with the ultimate honor of representing his country on numerous occasions. Add to that the individual awards and he can look back and be very happy with a successful and fulfilling career.

As president, Simon has been a leader for the whole playing group in the A-League for many years. He leaves the Presidency with the game, and the players, in a much stronger position than it was 10 years ago.

John Aloisi

I best remember Simon for the 2009/10 A-League season where we were teammates at Sydney FC. He was very fit and when he was fully fit he was the best defender in the A-League. We won the Premiership and the Championship and he won the Joe Marston Medal in the Grand Final. He was lightening quick, great in the air and we all know how good he was on the ball.

Simon has had a massive impact on Australian football through his role at the PFA. He was always approachable and was so passionate about the players and he has been a big part of the changes that have occurred for the better in Australian football.

Ante Covic

Simon has achieved a lot, he has represented his country and has had a lot of success at all the clubs he has played at. He has gone though hard times and has always manage to overcome these difficulties and he has the respect of the whole playing group for what he has achieved.

His commitment to the PFA is highlighted by how long he has been in the role. He is so passionate about the players. The PFA is something that he has given everything to. The players are lucky to have had a President that put so much into the job.

Shane Stefanutto

Simon has had a fantastic career and he has ticked all the boxes. He has played overseas, won a Championship and won the Joe Marston Medal twice, which as a defender is a huge achievement.

He has been fantastically committed to the players. He is someone that all players respect and trust.

Adrian Leijer

Simon is someone I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for both on and off the pitch. The commitment and care he has shown to his peers during his time as PFA President is second to none. He has helped shape the game in this country and professionals will benefit from his contribution to the game for many years to come.

Bruce Djite

A truly accomplished player and professional both on and off the pitch. Someone any young player would do well to try to emulate.

Jon McKain

As a player he achieved so much in the game at both club and International level.  However, what I will hold in higher regard than his achievements is the manner in which he did so. To me, how a player portrays his image is very important, and powerful, and Simon always did both with class and dignity. A true professional in every sense of the word and someone I respect enormously.

As President of the PFA for a long time he has overseen the change and development from the old NSL to the A-League.  He has always had the players’ best interests at heart and never shirked away from fighting for players’ rights. A leader who has left a lasting legacy on the PFA.

Mark Milligan

Simon has had a career that any player would be proud off. He has played at the very highest level and will long be regarded as one of the best defenders to have played in the A-League.

His impact on the game has been immense and his commitment to the players and the PFA could have been no stronger. All players want to leave a legacy and Simon has certainly done that.

John Poulakakis, PFA Chairman

To be able to combine a successful career at the highest levels and devote himself to the needs of the collective as President of the PFA is a challenging, demanding and selfless task and one that Simon has done incredibly well and effectively for over a decade.

Simon has been the PFA’s longest serving President and arguably through the game’s most difficult but paradoxically through it’s most exciting period.
His longevity speaks volumes about the respect with which he is held by his peers and his contribution to the players’ cause.

It’s particularly pleasing that Simon is not lost to the PFA and that his experience and knowledge will be retained by the organisation.

Adam Vivian, PFA Chief Executive

The best example of leadership, is leadership by example and Simon’s
commitment and passion to support the players, both in Australia and
internationally, is nothing short of inspiring. Simon’s 10 years as President shows his commitment and understanding that the wellbeing of the game is a precondition to the wellbeing of the players.

After following in the footsteps of former PFA Presidents Greg Brown, KimonTaliadoros and Alex Tobin as well as the many professional footballers who have served on the PFA Executive Committee, Simon has left a tremendous legacy and I, along with the PFA members, sincerely thank Simon for his work as President.

Whilst the PFA is sorry to lose the services of Simon as President, I am
delighted t that Simon has accepted a role as PFA Player Relations Executive where his unique understanding of the pressures that professional footballers encounter in their careers can still be utilised.

Brendan Schwab, PFA Co-Founder, Life Member &FIFPro Vice President

As the PFA’s fourth President, Simon has served the players and the game for a decade. This is an incredible achievement, which speaks highly of both his achievement as a player and his standing among his fellow professionals.

During his time as President, the PFA has grown to the stage where it is involved in all aspects of the professional game, provides a critical range of services to players and, most importantly, has the 100% support of Australia’s professional footballers. Simon’s leadership was highlighted by his dedication to ensuring that each generation of players left the game in better shape for those that follow.