Amongst them they have experienced professional football at the very highest level including World Cups and in the UEFA Champions League, become club legends at their respective clubs and made a huge contribution to the success of the A-League.

The PFA sat down with the teammates of retiring A-League stars Terry McFlynn, Jacob Burns, Harry Kewell, Mile Sterjovski and Michael Bridges to discuss the impact they have had on the competition, what it was like to call them a teammate and how they will be remembered.

Nick Carle on Terry McFlynn

I first played against Terry at Newcastle Jets when he man marked me and he let me know a few times he was there. Playing against him you knew he was a serious competitor and had a never say die attitude and he had that willingness to get through anything to help his team win. Since coming to Sydney I have had the chance to play with him for three or four seasons and I have nothing but the highest respect for him on and off the field. He is a great leader in every aspect you can think of in football and is a massive loss to the club.

He has been a role model to all the young boys coming through. He has shown what a good pro should be and a true clubman. His impact on the club has been massive and his contribution to the success of Sydney FC and the A-League has been immense.

David Williams on Harry Kewell

Harry as a teammate and as captain has been hugely important for the whole squad. On the pitch he has been outstanding but just as important has been the impact he has had off it. During the difficult times throughout the season he was hugely important and a great support for everyone.

He is a leader in every sense of the word and will rightly be recognised as one of, if not the best, player Australia has produced. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to call him a teammate.

Zac Anderson on Mile Sterjovski

Mile has been an integral part of not only the Championship winning side but also the rebuilding of the team this season. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves because of his quiet nature and he doesn’t seek the limelight. The boys look up to him a lot and he has always been there to help. Mile puts him arm round you when you need it and has been hugely important for all of us. He is such an intelligent guy and he can see things before it happens.

It’s a great credit to himself that he doesn’t seek his own accolades, he is all about the team and he has been like that his whole career. He is going to be very difficult to replace both on and off the pitch. Mile has left a huge mark on this club and will be remembered as a player that has made a massive contribution to the Mariners.

Josh Mitchell on Michael Bridges

Bridgey has been a brilliant teammate and someone that brings a lot knowledge into the group. He has had a big impact. He has played with some of the best players in the world and has seen them come through. The knowledge he has gained has been so important to all the players here. He has also experienced the lows as well and knows what it takes to come back and these insights have been invaluable.

He has left a mark wherever he has been. He has been an outstanding ambassador for the game and the club on and off the pitch and you can see that through the connection he has built with the supporters. It has been a real privilege to call him a teammate.

Steve McGarry on Jacob Burns

He is the best captain I have ever played with and not just for the way he conducts himself on the pitch. People who don’t know him probably think he is a bit of a hard man on the pitch but he does everything for the team, and he is a winner. Off the park he is a gentleman and he looks after the whole team, he cares for everyone from the youngest player in the team to the oldest, he is a very good people person.

It is a shame we have not won more honours, something which he richly deserves. When we went close he was the driving force. Not just on the pitch but in training demanding high standards and making sure everyone knows what is expected so he has been hugely influential. In his time here he has had a lot to deal with and has always given everything he had for the team and the club. He will leave a lasting legacy at Perth Glory.