The historic first meeting of Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) W-League Delegates saw players resolve to drive change for the women’s game.

Attended by W-League players from across the country, the inaugural meeting was held at the PFA’s offices in Melbourne over the weekend.

Having recently completed an extensive survey of the working conditions in the W-League, the six hour meeting saw players examine the survey results, identifying key areas requiring attention and discussing the players’ role in driving progress for the women’s game.

PFA Player Relations Executive Kathryn Gill said the meeting further highlighted the depth of knowledge the players possess.

“Players have an unrivalled understanding of the game,” said Gill. “This enables them to act in its best interests and this was consistently on display at the meeting.

“The players want to drive the progress of the women’s game. They rightly believe that its potential is enormous and that it has a significant role to play in the professionalisation of elite women’s sport.

“What was clear throughout the day was that the players are determined to ensure the game can offer the nation’s most talented athletes a genuine career path.

“The coming months will see players look to make headway on basic workplace standards, including:


>> minimum medical standards;

>> minimum standards for facilities; and

>> insurance to cover players for loss of income when injured.”


Perth Glory captain and Matildas forward Sam Kerr said it was inspiring to work alongside her peers on creating change for the W-League.

“The W-League has the potential to be amongst the very best women’s competitions in the world,” said Kerr. “This is ambitious, but achievable.

“We want to make sure that those who pursue a career in football can do so knowing it can provide them with a decent quality of life and that they will be provided with working conditions that recognise and respect their status as the nation’s top players.”