Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today welcomed the decision of Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA President.

Mr Blatter made the announcement last night citing the need for an ‘overhaul’ of the organisation following a series of corruption charges that have dogged FIFA.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said Mr Blatter’s decision was one that was welcomed by the players, who see the governance of the sport as integral to the wellbeing of the game.

“How football is run and the strength of the players’ voice in the process is an issue that all our members are passionate about,” said Vivian. “The governance of football affects the wellbeing of the sport and in turn the livelihoods of professional footballers.

“Governance reform is vital as it directly impacts on the players in areas such as integrity, doping and the non-payment of players. The ability for football to have an effective regulatory response to the challenges depends on its own good governance.

“The players are committed to playing an active role in the governance of the sport and see the relationship between FIFA and FIFPro, the exclusive and collective voice of approximately 65,000 of the world’s professional footballers’, as pivotal in reforming football’s governance model.

“The Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA), of which the PFA is a member and is represented on the board, has developed a policy platform underpinned by a Charter of Athletes’ Rights.

“The AAA’s Good Governance policy focuses on having well governed sporting organisations that make decisions that are ethical, transparent, and accountable. A well governed sport can fairly balance the interests of all stakeholders and is integral to the success of the game both on a domestic and international level.”

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