rofessional Footballers Australia (PFA) has appointed PFA Special Counsel and International Player Relations (IPR) Director Brendan Schwab to oversee the PFA’s player advocacy and representation services.

Schwab and IPR are already responsible for leading the PFA’s collective bargaining negotiations for Socceroos, A-League and Matildas players with PFA General Manager Adam Vivian.

The PFA’s player advocacy work demonstrates the many challenges facing its 529 active members at home and around the world:

in 2012/13, the PFA represented 285 players in individual matters, a 21% increase on 2011/12;
149 of these matters related to the enforcement of players’ contractual entitlements (a 52% increase);
28 players sought advice from the PFA to negotiate their playing contract;
17 players sought advice about dealings with their player agent;
and only 2 players sought advice in relation to Code of Conduct and disciplinary matters, which highlights the high standards of professionalism of PFA members on and off the field.
The appointment of IPR ensures PFA members:
can continue to access free legal advice and representation in relation to their negotiations and dealings with clubs, football associations and player agents both in Australia and throughout the football world; and
in accordance with the PFA Legal Policy, be represented in proceedings through football and sporting tribunals and other bodies, including the FFA/PFA Grievance Procedure, the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the Financial Services Ombudsman.

IPR has appointed lawyer Angela Collins to help deliver the PFA’s player advocacy services.  Ms Collins holds degrees in arts and law as well as a Graduate Diploma in Sports Law from the University of Melbourne.  Her major research topics included the jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and good governance in sporting organisations.  She has previously held legal positions in netball and in private practice as well as working as a judge’s associate in the County Court of Victoria.

Any player requiring representation or advice can contact:

Adam Vivian
General Manager, Professional Footballers Australia
1300 650 497 (T)  + 61 (0) 427 484 835 (M)

Brendan Schwab
Director, International Player Relations
+ 61 (0) 3 8686 1046 (T)  + 61 (0) 417 302 699 (M)