Professional Footballers Australia’s (PFA) commitment to ensuring its members create positive impact in their community has been strengthened through a new partnership with Beyond Bank.

Enhancing the PFA’s community and charity programs, Beyond Bank will become the PFA’s official Community Partner, supporting partner of the PFA’s charity, the Footballers’ Trust and the PFA Community Medal.

The PFA will celebrate the new partnership with a donation to LGBTI+ advocacy and education from the Footballers’ Trust, ahead of this weekend’s Pride Cup celebration in the A-Leagues.

Established 60 years ago as an organisation based on the values of relationships, people, and the planet, Beyond Bank is one of the largest, 100% customer-owned mutual banks in the country with credit union heritage. 

PFA Co-Chief Executive Kathryn Gill said the partnership would celebrate the work of Australian players who have built relationships with their communities and charities.

“The PFA and the players have consistently embraced opportunities to have a positive impact on the community,” Gill said.

“When we established the Footballers’ Trust, our ambition was to provide a platform for every professional player to positively impact their community and to continue to be a leader on social causes and issues that are inherent to the wellbeing of the community.

“Beyond Bank cares deeply about its community so they are a perfect fit to help us enhance the PFA and the players’ connection to community.”

Marlaina McPhillips, Beyond Bank’s Community Development Manager, said: “Sport plays a vital role in local communities across Australia.” 

“Sporting clubs are where people come together to connect and participate as a community. This leads to stronger, healthier, safer communities, so we’re pleased to work with PFA to continue strengthening these bonds, both on and off the field.”

About the Beyond Bank PFA Community Medal

The Beyond Bank PFA Community Medal, first introduced in 2017, recognises the outstanding contribution PFA members are making within their communities and reflects the PFA’s commitment to ensuring football creates positive social impact.

PFA Community Medal winners include Rebekah Stott (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Robbie Cornthwaite, (Beards of Hope), Nigel Boogaard (Hunter Life Education’s Ocsober campaign), and Luke Brattan (Leukaemia Foundation).

Beyond Bank will donate $2,500 to the charity nominated by the winner of the 2022 PFA Beyond Bank Community Medal, who will be announced later this year.

About the Footballers’ Trust

Inspired by the leadership of generations of Australian footballers, Footballers’ Trust provides a platform for today’s players to ‘play it forward’ and contribute directly to the causes that inspire them. 

The establishment of Footballers’ Trust continues the work of PFA members taking on positions of social leadership, creating a tangible opportunity for the players to directly and positively impact their communities. Every cent pledged will be reinvested back into the community and into initiatives selected by the players.

Charitable Areas

  • the promotion of inclusion and participation in community football by children, minority and disadvantaged groups;
  • promoting improved health, wellbeing and mental health;
  • promoting the advancement of education;
  • the promotion of reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance;
  • the promotion or protection of human rights; and
  • the provision of funding for the benefit of the community, including the creation and maintenance of recreational football facilities and grounds.

About Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank is one of Australia’s largest customer-owned banks with over 290,000 customers, above $8 billion assets under management and 56 branches and regional offices in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT and Victoria. They partner with more than 5000 community organisations around the nation to create and return value for their customers and communities, and through this, change lives. Beyond Bank is a B Corp that commits to high standards of social and environmental impact, ensuring their business practices and outputs benefit all people, communities and our planet. To learn more, visit