Awer Mabil launches the Barefoot to Boots foundation with the Adelaide United forward set to return to the place of his birth at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, where he will deliver hundreds of pairs of boots and football equipment.

Speaking to the PFA after the foundations launch in Adelaide earlier this week, Mabil, who was born in the camp and spent ten years there, said the aim of the foundation was to improve the lives of those currently living there.

“Playing football in the camp was where it all started for me and it was how I escaped from the conditions I was living in,” said the Reds forward.

“I went over there at the end of last season because I wanted to see what conditions were like in the camp and to see how I could get involved and I took some gear over there to give to the kids, they loved it and I promised to come back as soon as I could.”

Following his return Mabil and his brother Awer Bul worked tirelessly to put together the foundation.

“My brother and I wanted to do more and with the help of our friends Rachael, Ian and Osama (Malik) we have managed to do that and will now be able to take a lot more gear over there this time.

“With the support of the UNHCR and UNICEF it has gotten much bigger and we will now be able to take much more gear this year. Last year they were really happy with what I was able to take over but this year we will be able to make much more of a difference.”

With Mabil due to depart on June 20 for Kenya, where he will be accompanied by Reds teammate Osama Malik, the Reds forward said he was eager to grow the foundation bigger and bigger in the coming years.

“We want to make sure the foundation can help as many people as possible and make this a regular thing so we can make the biggest difference possible in these peoples lives.”

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