The Socceroos have been following the tragic news regarding the devastating Australian Bushfires throughout their preparation for tonight’s 2010 World Cup qualification fixture against Japan. To show support for those whose lives have been impacted by this tragedy, the team announced today that they will donate the match payments from tonight’s 2010 World Cup qualification match against Japan to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

“We have all been shocked by the news of the devastation and we wanted to add to the support of FFA,” Socceroos captain Lucas Neill said in FFA’s official statement. “We have also been touched by the way in which Australians are pulling together at a time like this. It’s what helps define us as people, even if we’re far away from home like most of us and it makes us all so very proud to be Australian,” Lucas added.
The players’ pledge will see $100,000 contributed to the Bushfire Appeal.
Lucas also recognised the efforts of Australia’s volunteer services in assisting those impacted to cope with the events of the weekend.
“We’ve got a game to play which is small in the scheme of things and compared with what others are going through. Please be assured that our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone, including the wonderful volunteers and other emergency services workers,” he said.
The Japanese football community has also expressed their support for the Australian team’s actions announcing that their side will join the Socceroos in both a minute’s silence and the wearing of black armbands throughout the match. In addition to this, local Japanese volunteers will be collecting donations from an estimated 70 000 strong crowd in attendance.
To donate to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, please visit