Soccerscene and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

In line with the MOU, Soccerscene will now provide exclusive content from the PFA tackling a range of local and global macro and micro industry topics.

With Soccerscene’s commitment to being Australia’s online football business platform, this access to the PFA will ensure a greater opportunity for Australia’s football leaders to truly understand and appreciate the ongoing role of the PFA in football governance and how it represents and advocates for its members.

The PFA is the longest-standing stakeholder in the Australian game and has played a pivotal role in raising the standards for professional players in Australia, as well as shaping the way that the professional game has developed in this country.

More than just advocating for its members, the PFA plays a crucial role in providing invaluable data and insights into the professional game in Australia through its industry-leading research and connections to the global football industry and player association movement.

With the signing of this MOU, Soccerscene is excited to be able to generate a range of exciting content featuring the expertise and opinions of those from the PFA to give our readers invaluable insight into the crucial role the PFA plays in the professional game in Australia and how the various issues in our sport affect those who play it.

Soccerscene Chief Operational Officer Andrea Ioannidis is delighted to see such an influential industry body partner with Soccerscene.

“We are delighted to see industry organisations such as PFA and ourselves working together with common values,” she said.

“By now having PFA and Football Coaches Australia delivering content to the Australian football public together under the one platform, our game now has a genuine hub for Australian Football industry news.”

PFA Co-Chief Executive Beau Busch added:

“Through our partnership with Soccerscene we are excited to contribute the players’ perspective to the range of engaging discussions taking place across Australian and global football,” he said.

“Our conversation series will include the direct feedback and insights from over 700 professional players based in Australia and overseas, as well as sharing our research and evidence-based positions on global and local trends with Soccerscene’s growing and engaged audience.”

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