The first edition of The Marston for 2007 was today posted to all PFA members and stakeholders and can be downloaded by clicking on “The Marston” on “The Cause” section of

The expanded edition also includes the 2006 PFA Annual Report.

Highlights in this edition of The Marston:

  • Players Unite Behind CBA Strategy
    ·         Player Payments and Relations: Football, Cricket and Rugby Compared·         New FFA National Player Registration Regulations – Get PFA Advice!
    ·         Players’ Annual Leave Entitlements
    ·         PFA Acts to Protect Knights’ Players
    ·         PFA Player Services
    ·         a tribute to Alex Tobin OAM
    ·         Australian Players Have Voted:  Lucas is World Class
    ·         FIFA Technical Report into Socceroos in Germany
    ·         Congratulations

    The 2006 PFA Annual Report details:

  1. President’s Report
    2.       Executive Chairman’s Report:
    o        Australian Football in 2006
    o        Collective Bargaining: FIFPro, Socceroos and A-League
    o        PFA Strategic Plan 2005 – 2007
    §         The Culture of Football
    §         2006 Achievements
    §         2007 Priorities
    o        English PFA to Celebrate its Centenary in 2007
    3.       Player Relations
    o        Legal Report
    o        FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and International Court of Arbitration for Sport
    o        Player Agency and Management
    o        AAA
    4.       PFA Governance, Membership and Structure
    5.       Player Services
    o        PFA Hardship and Education Fund
    o        PFA First XI Program
    o        My Football Career
    o        Contract Negotiations and Curriculum Vitae Service
    6.       Football Policy
    o        PFA Research
    o        The International Career Path for Australian Professional Footballers
    o        PFA Football Conference with AiméJacquet
    o        PFA Football Committee
    o        PFA Elite Development Pathway Report
    7.       Operations
    o        Communications
    o        Events and Commercial
    o        Community
    o        Administration and Finance