With the A-League Women’s regular season coming to an end and the Finals Series getting underway next week, PFA off-season support services are now available to players from teams whose seasons have concluded.

Australian and foreign based players can access a range of resources throughout the off-season, which include an Exit Medical, coaching courses (based in Sydney this June), The Player Development Program Online, and mental health and wellbeing support.

Financial assistance including taxation support and international money transfers, and legal advice and representation is also available to players.

“It’s important that our members know that they are supported year-round, not just when they are contracted or in season,” Head of Player Development Rita Mankowska said.

“We have a number of support programs available to players, and we encourage our members to make the most of them.”

The PFA encourages players to explore interests away from football and develop an action plan for their own personal and professional development.

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“The off-season can be a great time to reflect your achievements and goals. Some players have long off-seasons, while for others it’s quite short,” Mankowska said.

“We encourage everyone to take some time away from football and recharge their batteries, but research shows that players who do study or have an outside interest, not only perform better on the field, but are also better equipped to face injury and retirement.”