As the Australian state leagues open for the 2011 season, Professional Footballers Australia (“PFA”) reminds players of its work for state league members over the past year.

The PFA handled 11 cases during the 2010 season for members in the Victorian Premier League, Queensland State League, New South Wales Premier League, South Australian Super League and Western Australia Premier League. The cases included contractual enforcement and negotiation, representation in disciplinary hearings and the transfer of playing registrations both domestically and internationally. Several cases ended up in the relevant football court, which the PFA gladly handled.

The PFA’s most notable arbitration case in 2010 was Kristo v Dandenong Thunder, which regarded a termination of the player’s professional playing contract. The PFA brought a claim against the club for breach of contract and Australian immigration law and recovered a significant amount of money for the player.

The PFA is the exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent for Australia’s professional footballers.  The PFA continues its work to improve the professionalism and playing conditions for Australian state league players.  All state league players are eligible to become PFA members.  Members receive many benefits including advice on their playing contract, assistance when in dispute with their club and access to all PFA communications and football industry expertise.

Any state league players interested in PFA membership should contact the PFA for further details.