Western Sydney Wanderers keeper Jerrad Tyson shares with the PFA his journey to writing his first book and how the PFA have assisted him to reach his goal.

Football is often described as a game of fine margins with the difference between winning and losing that last effort to track a runner or that extra pre-season session. Everybody wants an edge that gives them an advantage over their opponent.

For Western Sydney Wanderers keeper Jerrad Tyson that drive for an edge extends well beyond the pitch with the shot stopper launching his first book – The One Percenters.

Illustrating how small efforts can make a big difference Tyson’s book covers four key areas:

• nutrition;

• hydration;

• exercise; and

• sleep.

Having worked his way up to professional football via the AIS and witnessed countless young players leave their family homes ill equipped to take care of themselves, Tyson’s was eager to do something.

“Before my footballing career had the opportunity to take off I had the aspiration of working in food and becoming a chef,” said the former Perth Glory keeper.

“I had the dream of becoming a professional footballer but I thought I needed to plan for a career in food.

“The book just started out as a nutrition guide. I noticed that a lot of the young boys that joined Gold Coast United had moved out of home for the first time and a lot of them had a poor knowledge base on food and how to look after themselves.

“I decided to start writing this nutrition guide and aim it at National Youth League players to help them in that first year of transitioning from having their mum cook for them to having to look after themselves and helping them to be the best they could be.”

Having began the book almost eight years ago it has been a long process for Tyson to take his idea all the way through to the finished product.

“I started writing it when I was at Gold Coast United so it has been seven or eight years that I have been working on this project. It started of as just a nutrition guide and that was one thing but then I thought unless you combine that with hydration you are not going to be able to maximise the benefits.

“Then over time I thought ‘you know what’ it is great for athletes and young kids leaving home, but I wanted to stretch the demographic and increase the amount of people I can help with this book and I decided to include two more sections – exercise and sleep and that gave me my four key areas.”

Having received financial support from the PFA to assist with the production of the book, Tyson will donate 160 copies to the players’ association to be provided to all National Youth League players during the upcoming season.

“As soon as the book was finished I approached the PFA and they were keen to get on board and were really generous in allowing me to use my education grants to go towards the publishing costs of this book. In return and I will be giving 160 copies to the PFA to distribute to all 160 National Youth League players across the country to help them get that little bit extra out of themselves and hopefully that little bit extra is enough to help them get that bit more out of themselves so they can make that transition from a National Youth League player to a professional player.”

In addition to the book Tyson is also undertaking presentations on healthy lifestyles, drug and alcohol education and social media and internet safety all aimed at helping people to be the best they can be.

For more information on The One Percenters or to order your copy of the book go http://www.theonepercenters.com.au