The international standing of the Hyundai A-League is analysed and revealed in Professional Footballers Australia’s (PFA) 2016/17 A-League Mid-Season Report.

Comparing the A-League against the German Bundesliga, the J.League and Major League Soccer (MLS) the report aims to identify tactical, technical and statistical trends at the halfway point of the season.

The report revealed a number of important findings in relation to the four leagues compared, including:

>> the A-League is the most attacking league, in terms of goals per match, and had the fewest scoreless draws;

>> the A-League has the highest pass completion rate;

>> A-League referees are the most active, in terms of red and yellow cards given and penalties awarded; and

>> the A-League is on par with the Bundesliga and the J.League in terms of competitiveness, but ranks behind the MLS in relation to the points gap between the respective competitions’ first placed team and its last.

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said the report illustrated the importance of continuing to track and analyse the progress of the A-League.

“Reports such as this provide the sport with an opportunity to benchmark the A-League against other leagues from around the world and to gain invaluable insight regarding the competition’s international standing,” said Didulica.

“Ultimately it’s not about copying others but building our own identity as a competition; however it is always helpful to look at trends elsewhere.

“The findings in relation to the competitiveness of the A-League, and as a result the efficacy of the salary cap, are interesting and we will continue to monitor this.”

The Full PFA A-League Mid-Term Report