Following their remarkable achievement in becoming the Champions of the Asia, the PFA Executive Committee hails the Socceroos.

Ante Covic, PFA Vice President

Firstly I would like to congratulate the players, this is something that is truly enormous for Australian football. Few would have thought that Australian football could progress so quickly since joining the Asian Confederation.

Adrian Leijer, PFA Executive

What the players have done is outstanding. Their determination throughout the match and the tournament was unbelievable and they thoroughly deserve their success. It was a night that everyone connected with Australian football will never forget, and one that hopefully will be the first of many.

Kathryn Gill, PFA Executive

It’s a historic moment for the Soceroos and football in Australia, they have just left a legacy and have generated a huge amount of interest in the game both here and in Asia. It is extremely hard to win silverware in International Football, and to be the Champions of Asia is a huge achievement. This has been a long time coming and to be winning trophies on the world stage will take us one step further to where we want to be.

Bruce Djite, PFA Executive

It is unbelievable, the magnitude of the achievement will not be realised for some time. To lose it last time and then to come back with a rejuvenated team, a young team, and to win it in extra time is spectacular. The benefits that come from winning this tournament are profound and we won’t realise them all straight away. We have been in the Asian Confederation for a relatively short time and to achieve what we have is unbelievable.

Jon McKain, PFA Executive

For Australian football there has never been a better time. We are now the Champions of Asia, for both club and country and few would have thought this was possible so quickly after joining the Asian Confederation. Throughout the tournament the players were brilliant and I can’t praise them enough, they should be so proud of their achievement.

Shane Stefanutto, PFA Executive

From the first group game to the final, the players were unbelievable. They must have been out on their feet towards the end of the game but they still found the will to keep going. I hope they really enjoy this moment as they have achieved something that will have a massive positive impact on the game here in Australia and will rightly take their place in Australian football history.