Footballers love to keep in touch with each other by Facebook and Twitter. Only the other day the PFA used Facebook to get in contact with an overseas player having trouble with his club to give immediate advice and assistance.
The PFA has now established Facebook and Twitter pages which can be great communication tools with our website, – please go to:

This will help us better support and inform Aussie players anywhere in the world, and help educate their families and advisors about the many issues facing professional footballers and the game today.  We can also keep players easily informed of key PFA negotiations, services and events.

To do this, we need to build a following.  We would like to do this by having players follow us and to encourage their family, friends and advisors do the same.  For example, a parent of an aspiring young player could pick up a lot of pointers about life as a professional by following us.

Let’s work together to develop a real online community for all Australian professional footballers who do so much for our country and the game by plying their trade at home and all around the world.

Remember, when using social networking sites, make sure that you take care with the comments and photos that you post to these pages. Depending on the settings of either your personal site or the one that you are posting to, your opinions and images will usually be available to be viewed by the general public.