The PFA is pleased to confirm that it has successfully protected the rights of James Meyer.

Meyer joined Myanmar side Yadanarbon in 2015 and just over a month into his one year deal he had his contract unilaterally terminated by the club.

The PFA pursued the matter through the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber to achieve the best outcome for James following this breach of contract.

With the PFA having successfully secured in excess of $7 million for members over the past three years through its legal and advocacy work, the PFA also had to overcome the complication of international banking sanctions on Myanmar to secure what the former Brisbane Roar player was owed.

Meyer said it was a relief to be able to put the matter behind him after almost two years.

“This particular time for me was very difficult,” said Meyer. “I was left without a club very early in the season, without any income and left with finding a club out of the transfer window. It could quite easily have ended my career then and there.

“I contacted the PFA when it was obvious that the club and the MFF (Myanmar Football Federation) were not going to be reasonable. It was only then that any progress was made. I can say without a doubt that it would have been nearly impossible given the circumstances to get everything owed without the PFA’s help, and the process would have taken much longer.”

Meyer said he would encourage all players to utilise the PFA’s services prior to entering into a contract with a club.

“Players should absolutely contact the PFA, as well as reading anything that they sign. Had I not made changes to my contract, even under pressure to sign immediately, it’s likely I would have been left without a club and any way of claiming the contract value.”

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said Asia represented a fantastic opportunity for players, but said it was important that all possible measures were undertaken to ensure their rights were protected.

“The PFA takes great pride in its legal and advocacy work and we are pleased that we have been able to uphold James’ contractual rights,” said Didulica.

“Australia’s entry into Asia, and the success of our players plying their trade there, has opened up significant opportunities for our members. The challenge is to ensure every possible precaution is taken prior to them signing with a club, and if they do encounter difficulty, that they have access to world class advice.”

PFA General Counsel Angela Collins said the challenge of overcoming international banking sanctions had been a considerable complication after FIFA ruled in Meyer’s favour.

“The political situation in Myanmar made the matter very complex,” said Collins. “The PFA worked proactively with the AFC, the MFF and the club to overcome this challenge and secure the funds for James.”