In a recent decision, FIFA has confirmed that Michael Thwaite is now free to play with his new club, Wisla Krakow of Poland.

Unfortunately, FIFA also sanctioned both Wisla and Michael to the tune of 45,000 Euros.

“Having read the decision, it is a plus that Michael can play again, but the financial penalty is very disappointing.

“In the strictest legal sense, we would love to pursue an appeal on Michael’s behalf because there appears to be some serious injustice, but that’s for Michael and Wisla to decide. The entire situation speaks volumes of the need for players to obtain proper advice before signing any documents, especially if they are in a foreign language. FIFA is clear, once a contract or document is signed, the player is bound, regardless of what was understood or agreed beforehand,” said the PFA’s lawyer, Steve Milicevic

Michael is relieved to finally be allowed to start playing competitive football again.

“This has been a very trying time for me, my family and girlfriend. I am very thankful to the PFA for all their help and support through this period”, said Michael.