Stan: Now not permitted to train with the Glory

The FFA Anti-Doping Tribunal today ruled that, under the terms of the FFA Anti-Doping By-Law, Stan Lazaridis is not permitted to train with his club Perth Glory until his suspension elapses on 27 November 2007.  Once again, in delivering its judgment, the Tribunal pointed to the need to improve this important area of player regulation.

PFA Executive Chairman Brendan Schwab said the Tribunal’s decision, whilst not unexpected, was disappointing.

“The Tribunal has very carefully considered the relevant provisions of the FFA Anti-Doping By-Law, and determined that any sanction automatically includes a prohibition on training at club level,” Schwab said.

“We submitted that the By-Law was ambiguous on this point and given the serious impact the ban on training will have on Stan’s ability to resume playing at A-League level this season, the ambiguity should be resolved in favour of the player.”

In its decision, the Tribunal stated, “this is a difficult question to resolve”, “is not free from doubt” and it is desirable that in reviewing the FFA Anti-Doping By-Law that the position of whether players can train at A-League club levels during periods of ineligibility should be “expressly stated”.