With the FFA Cup underway and the new A-League and W-League seasons fast approaching, CEO John Didulica has reflected on the broad scope of work completed by the PFA over the past 12 months.

Following the release of two annual reports covering the 2017/18 W-League and A-League seasons over the past three weeks, Didulica said it was the ‘opportune time’ to reflect on the achievements within Australian football.

“We’re already launching into a new season and it’s really opportune now to look back at what was a really successful season on the field for Australian football,” Didulica said in an interview with PFA TV.

Didulica cited the triumph of the Matildas in the 2017 Tournament of Nations, which propelled the team to its highest ever world ranking, an Asian Cup final appearance and the fourth successive World Cup qualification of the Socceroos as key achievements for both the women’s and men’s national teams.

An overview of the PFA’s achievements in the past 12 months.

“It really shows that our players are continuing to punch above their weight and do great things at a global level. I’d like to think that as the PFA, as their representatives, we are doing the same thing.

“In particular, we’ve had great success running disputes on behalf of the members. We’ve secured over $5m in damages and compensation for players this season, for outpaid wages for contractual breaches. It’s a wonderful tribute to our office to be able to deliver those sort of outcomes for players.”

Didulica pointed to the first ever W-League CBA as a standout achievement, which has led to a 300 per cent increase in salaries across the W-League. In addition, there has been a 99 per cent increase in W-League player membership.

The organisation also continues to work on providing player development training and opportunities and in early July delivered a successful Induction and Outduction program for A-League and W-League players.

“In the player development space, to offer over 200 education grants to A-League, W-League players, Socceroos and other professional players including the Matildas, was phenomenal and now we have 77 per cent of our cohort, of our members, doing something away from football.

“It’s a huge quantum leap from where we were a few years ago and if we keep up on that trajectory I predict great things for Australian football and for the players.”

Watch the full interview with Didulica below.