Australia’s elite female players unite to drive the growth of the women’s game as Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) convenes its first ever W-League player meeting.

Set to take place on Sunday in Melbourne ahead of the W-League Grand Final, the meeting will be attended by over 60 W-League players from across the country, with players also set to attend the match in support of their peers.

PFA Player Relations Executive Kathryn Gill said the meeting was the first step in what she hoped would address the issues faced by W-League players.

“As the number one participated sport for young females, the time is now for a cultural shift by all stakeholders to work together and ensure players are provided with a genuine career path through the W-League,” said Gill.

“With demands on players increasing rapidly, the basic minimum standards afforded to W-League players do not allow for players to maximise their full potential, highlighting the imbalance between the level of commitment expected of them and their workplace conditions.

“It will require significant courage to tackle the challenges ahead. The players respect the gains made by the generations before them and recognise the significant role they have to play for those that will come after them.

“The wellbeing of the women’s game is a precondition to the wellbeing of the players and it is essential that the players are able to voice their concerns; the PFA meeting provides the perfect platform for them to do so.

“Female footballers, through the PFA, have been a driving force for positive change in how women’s sport is perceived in Australia, and the W-League players have resolved to continue this legacy.”