Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) President Matt McKay and Chief Executive Adam Vivian hail the efforts of the Western Wanderers after they sealed their place in Australian Football history by becoming the country’s first Asian Champions League Winners.

Speaking after the Wanderers 0-0 second leg draw with A-Hilal, which sealed their 1-0 aggregate win in the final, McKay said it was one of the most outstanding achievements in the history of Australian football.

“Their performances throughout the ACL having been nothing short of remarkable,” said McKay. “No matter how big the odds have been they have found a way to overcome them and the final was yet another example of this.

“They have shown to everyone what Australian football and its players are capable of. It also highlights just how far the A-League has come and how the standard has continued to rise season on season.

Vivian echoed the Socceroos comments and said the challenge for Australian football was to ensure regular success in Asia for A-League clubs.

“Against club’s with far superior budgets, grueling travel and playing schedules the Wanderers have in every sense defied the odds,” Vivian said. “The challenge for the game in this country is to reduce these hurdles so that our clubs are challenging for the ACL title season after season.

“The coming A-League Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations presents us with the opportunity to pursue an agreement that ensures our international competiveness both for our clubs and the National Teams.

“The Wanderers have shown what Australian football and its players are capable of and all of the games stakeholders must seize this opportunity to ensure the continued progress of the sport.”