Congratulations to Tim Cahill who has been short-listed for the European Footballer of the Year award.

Cahill is on a list of 50 players in the running for the Balon D’Or award alongside the likes of Ronaldinho, ZinedineZidane and Andriy Shevchenko.

Ronaldinho won the prize last year ahead of Frank Lampard and Thierry Henry.

Everton manager David Moyes paid tribute to Cahill after the announcement. He said: “It’s a fabulous achievement. All credit to Tim for the way that he has been playing and he has returned to top form this season.

“He has started the season really well for us.”

Shortlist: Ballack (Chelsea), Buffon (Juventus), Cahill (Everton) , Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Shevchenko (Chelsea), J. Cole (Chelsea), Coupet (Lyon), Cris (Lyon), C. Ronaldo (Manchester United), Deco (Barcelona), Diarra (Real Madrid), Drogba (Chelsea), Essien (Chelsea), Eto’o (Barcelona), Cesc (Arsenal), Gallas (Arsenal), Gattuso (Milan), Gerrard (Liverpool), Giuly (Barcelona), Grosso (Internazionale), Henry (Arsenal), Juninho (Lyon), Kaka (Milan), Klose (Werder Bremen), Lahm (Bayer Munich), Lampard (Chelsea), Lehmann (Arsenal), Makelele (Chelsea), Malouda (Lyon), Mendez (PSV Eindhoven), Messi (Barcelona), Pirlo (Milan), Podolski (Bayer Munich), Puyol (Barcelona), Ribery (Marseille), Ronaldinho (Barcelona), Riquelme (Villarreal), Robben (Chelsea), Rooney (Manchester United), Sagnol (Bayern Munich), Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich), Terry (Chelsea), Thuram (Barcelona), Tiago (Lyon), Toni (Fiorentina), Torres (Atletico Madrid), Vieira (Internazionale), Villa (Valencia), Zambrotta (Barcelona), Zidane (Retired).