Australia’s professional footballers resolved unanimously to award ZelkoKalac with PFA life membership at the PFA AGM on 29 November.


PFA Life Membership recognises outstanding individuals who have given unquestionable service, commitment and loyalty to the well being of professional footballers.

Zeljko has been an outstanding contributor to player affairs since the formation of the PFA in 1993. Zeljko has been at the forefront of many of the significant Collective Agreements reached by the PFA on behalf of the players. His outstanding contribution has included:

  • acting as an effective and valuable delegate with Sydney United during the 1990’s particularly through a period where there was significant resistance to a collective voice for the players; and
  • being a leader of the player collective within the Socceroo camps, which has enabled the PFA to successfully negotiate Collective Agreements on behalf of the players with the succession of governing bodies.

Zeljko’s remains a popular and successful footballer, having been a great example of achieving at the highest level. This has culminated in selection for the Socceroos at the 2006 World Cup and transferring to one of the world’s greatest clubs, AC Milan.

Zeljko’s outstanding playing record is as follows:

Born: 16/12/1972

Socceroo Honors:

1992-2006 54 games (0 goals)

Professional Career:

1989-1995 Sydney United 24 games

1995-1996 Leicester City 1 game

1996-1998 Sydney United 43 games

1998-2002 Roda JC 115 games

2002-2005 AC Perugia 79 games

2005- AC Milan 2

Zeljko joins KimonTaliadoros (1999), Francis Awaritefe (2000), Andrew Harper (2001), Robert Hooker (2001), Alex Tobin (2002), Craig Foster (2003), Brendan Schwab (2003) and Stan Lazaridis (2003) as PFA Life Members.