Sydney FC’s Ally Green is a role model by nature. 

The midfielder’s capacity to help others has been regularly recognised and rewarded.

It’s something the 21-year-old midfielder puts down to the caring environment she was brought up in.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Green was one of the first Australian footballers to extend her hand to the #PlayForLives campaign, which is gaining momentum through the activism of Socceroos great Craig Foster.

“Times at the moment are challenging for all and I guess for me there was never a better time to really take a step back from my busy sports commitments and look at other ways I could hopefully make a difference in the community,” Green told

“There are groups and individuals around us every day which need support, especially through times like this of job cuts and restrictive access to everyday supplies.”

It’s not the first time Green has given back to her community. In fact, caring for others has been something that was engrained in her character at a young age.  

“I have been brought up in such a caring and supportive network of family and friends, so with this being a ‘normal’ environment to me, I think it’s a no-brainer to support the community and provide the same opportunities and care to them,” Green said.

“The work I do outside of football and sport is just as rewarding and enjoyable as playing so for me I like to keep at it and continue to make people smile and do my bit to make it a better place for everyone. I have always enjoyed giving; it makes you feel like you’re doing your bit in society.”

While balancing her volunteering duties has been challenging, Green has been able to take on jobs around her community, helping donation collections or volunteering at sports clubs and donating her sports gear to disadvantaged communities.

Green has taken part in the charity initiative Sports Star Sleep Out, to raise awareness and funds for homelessness, and also uses her social media to spread awareness for mental health and other fitness campaigns to support athletes and the general public.

Green also gained valuable experience in an administrative role with Sydney FC; in 2018 she was appointed the club’s Fan Engagement Coordinator while recovering from an ankle injury during her first W-League season.

“One of my main tasks was to enable easy access to grassroots clubs across Sydney to come watch Sydney FC play and encourage kids to follow their football stars,” Green said.

“I definitely enjoyed touching base and making those vital connections back to the grassroot clubs again as they support you during your youth and its very rewarding being able to give the same opportunities back to them.”

Green was rewarded for her contribution to community through her work with the Sky Blues, winning the rebel Role Model Award on International Women’s Day last year.

“It was quite a surprise being nominated, let alone win that award. I was so honoured to receive this award from rebel, and even more appreciative to Sydney FC for letting me join the staff and showing me what it meant to give back to the football community.”

With so many Australians impacted by coronavirus, Green has turned her attention to what she can do now to help those less fortunate through #PlayForLives.

“I have been lucky enough to volunteer at Addison Food Pantry, who are an amazing charity organisation who save and deliver food and supplies to people and community groups in need,” Green said.

“I recommend that all players, young or old, take part in this great initiative, or by just simply reaching out to community groups and charities in their area, even if this can seem confronting, because once you participate it’s the most rewarding feeling. 

“It makes you feel like you’re part of a team again, if this is something athletes are missing in isolation, the only difference is the team are just a group of amazing individuals, you don’t necessarily know, doing their bit to help their community out. 

“But when you do get the chance to participate in a fundraiser, volunteering or engage with the community in other ways it certainly reminds me how important it is and that we should always set the time aside for it, no matter our schedules.”

To get involved in the #PlayForLives campaign, PFA Members can visit this link and sign up.