PFA members have reported an increasing number of attacks on A-League and W-League players via social media, ranging from racial vilification to death threats against players, their team mates and family members.

The players’ position is clear; these attacks are criminal in nature and will not be tolerated. 

We know the impact that this abuse and hate has on both the players and the community and how it undermines the game’s efforts to create a safe and inclusive sport.

We commend our members who have reported these matters to the PFA, their clubs and the Leagues. By doing so, they have helped highlight the growing incidence of these attacks andensured that appropriate action is taken to hold offenders accountable.

The PFA will continue to support our members and take a stand against threats, abuse and vilification and work collaboratively with Football Australia, the Leagues, the Clubs and relevant authorities to address this significant issue.

We must harness the capacity for sport to be a force for good by addressing the drivers of hate and abuse and by developing a collective solution.

Beau Busch and Kathryn Gill
PFA Co-Chief Executives