Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) Player Development and Wellbeing Program continues to grow, with the Matildas set to undertake their inaugural induction.

Aimed at familiarising players with all the relevant support and resources that accompany the newly established PFA Player Development and Wellbeing Program the induction will see the Matildas witness presentations on a variety of topics, including:

  • mental health;
  • gambling awareness;
  • financial education;
  • social media; and
  • life after football.

Set to take place on Thursday, January 29, in Sydney, PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the inductions were an essential component of the new program.

“Inductions are an integral element of any workplace and football is no different,” said Vivian. “For the player development and wellbeing program to have its biggest impact it is vital that the players are familiar with all aspects of it.

“Having previously conducted inductions with all 10 A-League clubs and the National Centre of Excellence we have seen just how important they are to the program.

“In our preparations for the inductions we sought extensive feedback from the players and from leaders in the field of player development and wellbeing and to date they have been very well received.

With the Matildas preparing for the fast approaching FIFA Women’s World Cup PFA National Manager, Player Development Ben Robertson said the induction would play a vital role in ensuring the players felt comfortable with accessing all of the PFA’s services and programs.

“The program is designed to cater to the off-field needs of players to allow them to be at their best on the pitch,” said Robertson.

“For a playing group that is preparing to compete at the pinnacle of the game it is integral that both their on field and off field needs are being met and this program is aimed at playing a significant part in this.”

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