Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) Chief Executive Adam Vivian has today confirmed that the Western Sydney Wanderers players are considering their participation in the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup.

With the playing squad originally scheduled to depart for host country Morocco tomorrow, Vivian said the players’ position was the result of the club failing to enter into meaningful negotiations regarding the distribution of prize money associated with their participation in the tournament.

“The players have made every attempt to reach an agreement on a fair and equitable share of the prize money,” Vivian said. “Despite these intentions the club has consistently refused to negotiate in good faith.

“Throughout this process the players have proposed a number of solutions to assist in coming to a resolution, including mediation and arbitration. However, the club has been unreceptive and unwilling to work towards an agreement that sees the players fairly remunerated for their success in reaching the tournament as the Champions of Asia or reflects their increased workload.

“As a result of this the players, with the full support of the PFA, have unanimously taken the decision to consider their participation in the tournament. The players and the PFA remain committed to sitting down with the Wanderers management to negotiate an acceptable outcome for all parties,” added Vivian.